Montana World Trade Center is the primary organization working to bring foreign direct investment into Montana, providing significant staff time, expertise and funding to this initiative. 

We map existing FDI, message to a global audience about Montana’s strengths in meeting critical location factors for key industries, and coordinate participation in events designed to showcase Montana to FDI prospects. Click here to learn more about Montana World Trade Center’s FDI Strategic Investment plan.


Montana Foreign Direct Investment Map

Scroll over the interactive map below to learn more about FDI business in Montana. Click on each flag to navigate directly to the business’s website.

Montana FDI Informational Flyers

Myriad opportunities exist for FDI into Montana as part of vertical integration of supply chain or partnerships with international firms. We invite you to learn more in the informational flyers below.


Foreign Direct Investment in Action

The Montana World Trade Center takes every opportunity to message to the local, national and international audience about the critical location factors that make Montana a great investment opportunity.   

Bringing Foreign Direct Investment to Your Region

Listen in to hear our Executive Director, Brigitta Miranda-Freer participate in the 2020 WTCA Member Forum and discuss how the Montana World Trade Center has had success in attracting FDI to our state. You can access the full 2020 WTCA video playlist here.

Investing in Rural America – Select USA 2019

International companies are looking to invest in Rural America more than ever before – and for good reason.  These regions boast lower business costs, while providing a high quality of life and access to abundant natural resources.  The following video features a panel discussing the advantages of doing business in rural America, from the Select USA Summit in June 2019.