This page of resources will help you navigate some of the most common international trade questions. There is a lot of information out there, and we know sorting through it can be overwhelming. If you have any questions concerning trade, please feel free to contact us.

Foreign Direct Investment



MWTC Original Research

2016 Western Canada Export Industry Briefs

The information in the briefs below is a compilation of data analysis, business and industry interviews, and secondary research that was collected in parts of 2015 and 2016, highlighting the top Montana industries imported into western Canada based on total dollars of merchandise imported. The briefs are associated with the Montana Business and Investment Technical Assistance Project, which was initiated to investigate and analyze business opportunity for Montana-based companies in Canada with focus on the three provinces that border Montana. This project has explored opportunities for enhanced trade with Montana’s single largest trading partner based on historical data analysis, industry trends, and contemporary successes and challenges for Montana firms in the Canadian marketplace.

Additionally, the Montana World Trade Center has prepared lists of Canadian importers/distributors for each industry. Each list is categorized by commodity and its corresponding HS code. These lists are available upon request by contacting the Montana World Trade Center at 406-243-6982.

Trade and Export Assistance 


There is a new grant from the Montana Department of Commerce providing financial assistance to qualified Montana small businesses for international marketing efforts in beginning exporting or market expansion. This includes Trade Show Assistance for marketing expenses to attend international wholesale exhibitions and shows, Foreign Language Translation Services and Production for marketing and technical materials, market research and other services provided by the U.S. Commercial Service. Download the complete application, visit the Montana Department of Commerce website for additional information or just give us a call, and we would be happy to work with you! (406.243.6982/


 Trade Leads & Opportunities



Trade Financing & Currency

Also, check out this list of Montana business financing resources, provided by the Montana High Tech Business Alliance.


Regulations & Compliance



State Resources & Services


State Resources

Service Providers


Shipping & Logistics


Montana Shippers and Freight Forwarders

  • Incoterms 2010 Guide
    Incoterms are a set of 11 delivery terms universally used in International Freight Transactions published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
  • Foreign Trade Zones Map
    FTZs provide special customs procedures to US plants engaged in international trade-related activities. Duty-free treatment is accorded to items that are processed in FTZs and then re-exported, and duty payment is deferred on items until they are brought out of the FTZ for sale in the US market.

Montana Ports and Freight Facilities


Market Research & Trade Data

Market Research & Intelligence

Trade Data

News Sources

Trade Databases


Data Sources

Bureau of Economic Analysis
Interactive data tables for national, international, industry, and regionally specific

Federation of International Trade Associations
FITA is a searchable database of International Trade Web Resources. Providing more than 4000 links to International Trade/Import-Export Web sites, FITA has a wealth of information available to anyone for free.

Foreign Trade Statistics 
Information on Foreign Trade statistics gathered by the US Census Bureau.  Includes Trade highlights, foreign trade data and historical trade balances, among others.

International Trade Administration
The Office of Trade and Industry Information, as part of the International Trade Administration gathers and provides trade and industry-level data to “support the development of national trade policies.”

US International Trade Commission
Direct access to trade data, customized reports on US imports and exports by product / region.

World Trade Organization Trade Statistics
Information on trade and tariff statistics gathered by the WTO.  Includes trade and tariff profiles and annual International Trade Statistics reports.


Other Databases



Dun & Bradstreet 

Dun and Bradstreet is an international research company that offers services ranging from creating individualized reports about companies, markets or products, to individual software programs that allow users to access D&B’s Global Access Network. The price for the information depends on the amount of information desired, however, for a trial run, 25 leads are provided for free.


Kompass offers international company directories, which include information such as company name, location, address, description of product or services, key financial figures, executives, etc. Free access to Kompass allows the user to search a limited amount of companies that may not contain the full company profile. Free access with registration gives additional benefits such as automatically applied language, optional user recognition, and an e-mail function. Paid access gives the user full range information provided, such as unlimited company lists and full company profiles, different company sorting options, financial data for companies, and extra search criteria that enable more effective research. Potential users need to contact Kompass to receive a customized presentation and a quotation for the subscription.

Reference USA

Reference USA is an internet-based reference service from the Library Division of infoUSA. The site was designed for use as a reference tool in libraries. The database contains, in module format, detailed information on more than 12 million U.S. businesses; 102 million U.S. residents; 683,000 U.S. health care providers; 1 million Canadian businesses; and 11 million Canadian residents. This information is free through certain library systems and is sold to government agencies, libraries, and educational institutions. For more information, visit the website and contact your library.

Bancomext Trade Directory of Mexico

Bancomext is an organization sponsored by the Mexican government. Its role is to develop local businesses and to encourage international trade in form of supporting Mexican organizations as well as foreign investors through educational and financial resources. Bancomext features a trade directory of Mexico and lists company contact information in Mexico and general links to international services. The home site offers a large number of different services, including news, publications, educational material about international trade involving Mexico, and financial data. The Spanish version of the website is targeted towards the local Mexican business community (how to export, financial help, etc.), while the English version is targeted towards investors (how to import, invest, establish a business, laws and regulations for foreigners, etc.) All information is free of charge.

An online database for over 100 counties worldwide, includes information on customs, protocol, travel, international management, negotiating, training, and consulting.

Other Databases

Lists many other available databases with information involving exporting, importing, tutorials, and other useful information.