TechEX featuring Submittable and GDPR

TechEx Live Case Study

A big thumbs up from everyone who attended the TechEx Live Case Study.

 About the Event

May 24th, 2018 we hosted a live case study featuring Missoula-based SaaS firm, Submittable. With EU laws on general data protection coming into effect on May 25th, many Montana based firms are in a last minute push to comply with GDPR. Hear from Submittable founder, Bruce Tribbensee, about his firm’s experience selling internationally and their plan for GDPR as well as targeted feedback from featured TechEx team member, Joel Henry, who will weigh in on best practices relating to GDPR.

Presentation on GDPR by Jop Fellinger

 Presentation on GDPR by Joel Henry

Jop Fellinger at TechEX May 24th, 2018

This event is being hosted by MWTC in conjunction with Worden Thane P.C. and Bannockburn Global Forex.


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