About the Event

Whether you’re looking to diversify your product line, add capital equipment or enhance your supply chain, importing can be crucial to small business success.

Learn the essentials from experts in the field.

  • MWTC’s Zac Hixson will address responsibilities, compliance, cost reduction and related technology;
  • John Fulcher of BGI Worldwide Logistics will address the role of the right logistics partner;
  • Michael Bourke with Bannockburn will address foreign exchange and how transacting in a foreign currency may allow you to command better pricing.

Learn the basics before you begin importing. And if you’re already engaged, make sure your business development and management team understand key considerations for long-term success.

Event Details

When: September 21, 2017    1:45pm – 5:00 pm

Where: Missoula College, Room 230, 1205 E. Broadway Street, Missoula MT 59802

Cost: $89 per attendee; 30% discount to Montana World Trade Center members. We accept payment in cash, check or CC.

How to Register: Please contact us via email here, or give us a call at (406) 243-6982.


1:45pm     Check In
2:00pm     Presentations
4:15pm     Group Q&A Session
4:45pm     Adjourn

This event is being hosted by MWTC in conjunction with Bannockburn Global Forex LLC and BGI Worldwide Logistics.